Comprehensive Concussion Program at Northside Sports Medicine

Our Comprehensive Concussion Program at the Northside Hospital Sports Medicine Network brings together a multidisciplinary team of concussion specialists who assess, diagnose and treat concussions in active people of all ages and athletes of all skill levels. Our highly-skilled team can readily identify the signs of a concussion, and includes:

  • Athletic trainers
  • Neuropsychologists trained by the founders of ImPACT (Immediate Postconcussion Assessment and Cognitive Testing)
  • Non-operative sports medicine physicians
  • Physical therapy specialists

Working in collaboration, we use state-of-the-art assessment and evaluation protocols, and personalize care based on the needs of each unique patient - until they are ready to safely return to the activities of daily living or back to any sport.

At Northside, we are committed to improving concussion treatment for athletes of all ages in the Atlanta Region, and strive to provide cutting-edge diagnosis and treatment, while educating coaches, athletes and the community on the signs and symptoms of concussions, as well as the importance of receiving care in a timely manner.

Low Cost Concussion Baseline Testing for Every Patient

Concussion baseline testing is an assessment used to evaluate and determine an individual's standard, or baseline, for normal brain activities. A baseline test is the most effective tool for measuring a person’s verbal and visual memory, brain processing speed and reaction time before a concussion or injury occurs. At the Northside Hospital Sports Medicine Network, we provide low cost baseline concussion testing for every one of our patients at each of our Northside Hospital Sports Medicine Network locations.

Using the ImPACT test assessment tool, our concussion experts are able to determine brain activity during an athlete’s “normal” state, and then compare the same criteria after an injury in order to more accurately assess and manage head injuries.

Expert Concussion Assessment and Recovery Management

In the case of a head injury, including concussions, our program’s expert neuropsychologists assess concussions through interviews, clinical exams and neurocognitive testing using the ImPACT test and other brain function tests. Our team designs a personalized treatment plan based on the results of the extensive and personalized testing. Patients at the Northside Hospital Sports Medicine Network may also be referred to other specialists for other tests and treatments as needed, including:

  • Vestibular therapists
  • Neuro-optometrists
  • Non-operative sports medicine physicians for medical consultations
  • Rehabilitation specialists

Every concussion is different, and recovery time can vary for each patient. The Northside Hospital Sports Medicine Network provides a balanced approach between activity and rest, integrating targeted rehabilitation to safely return to the activities you love.

Skilled Concussion Care During and After Events

Our certified athletic trainers work full-time throughout the Atlanta Region – working with high schools and sports leagues – serving on the sidelines where injuries occur. In the case of a concussion, after a thorough assessment, patients are referred to a neuropsychologist, where they are assessed and treated by specialists until the complete resolution of the concussion injury.

We work closely with athletes of any age for injury assessment, care and follow-up treatment, and educate athletes on injury prevention and safe performance improvements.