Specialized Care for Foot and Ankle Injuries

If you twisted your ankle while training or are experiencing pain or discomfort when walking, our team of sports medicine physicians at Northside Sports Medicine Network can help. Feet, ankles and lower legs fully support our body weight – both on the field and during daily activities. Because these joints are so critical to mobility, it is important to receive proper orthopedic care of any foot or ankle condition as soon as possible to correct the issues before further damage occurs.

Our board-certified and fellowship-trained sports medicine experts have the specialized training for any foot or ankle issue, including the most complex, that affect your health and fitness, but most importantly your ability to move easily. We have the clinical expertise and a wide range of experience to diagnose, treat and rehabilitate any sports-related injuries and disorders of the foot and ankle. We take care of every aspect of your recovery, including physical therapy to improve foot and ankle flexibility after an injury.

Ankle Strength for Performance Excellence

For top athletic performance, your foot and ankle joints must be strong and ready to adapt to quick movement changes. Our team can help get you back to your sport safely after an injury, but also improve your foot and ankle agility. Through strengthening exercises specific to the feet and ankles, we can enhance your skill level and help you better understand injury prevention through our performance program.

Contact a Foot and Ankle Specialist at Northside Sports Medicine Network

If you have experienced a foot or ankle injury or are experiencing any joint pain, call 1-855-NH-SPORT to schedule an appointment with one of our orthopedic sports medicine specialists.