Expert Care for Even the Most Complex Knee Injuries

Our board-certified, fellowship-trained sports medicine experts at the Northside Hospital Sports Medicine Network have specialized training for any knee injury or painful condition affecting the knee joint, including the most complex. With significant experience for any knee condition, our team offers conservative non-surgical treatments, minimally invasive surgical techniques, complex revision ligament reconstruction of the knee and joint preservation procedures.

The knee joint contains a complex network of muscles, ligaments and tendons, allowing us to flex and extend our leg and support our body weight, both on the field and during daily activities. Because it is critical to movement and mobility, it is important to receive proper orthopedic care for any knee pain as soon as possible to correct further damage or prevent other problems. Whether you have experienced a ligament injury or are suffering pain or discomfort while walking or running, our team of sports medicine physicians at the Northside Hospital Sports Medicine Network can help reduce your pain and restore your mobility.

Leg Strength Defines Performance Excellence

Strength in your thigh muscles, hamstrings and calf muscles define your performance excellence in many sports. For improved agility, balance and speed, our team at Northside Sports Medicine Network can help you not only return to your sport safely after an injury, but also increase performance to increase leg strength, speed and endurance.

Contact a Knee Specialist at the Northside Hospital Sports Medicine Network

For any knee pain or injury affecting your daily activities, call 1-855-NH-SPORT to schedule an appointment with one of our orthopedic sports medicine specialists.