Torrance Laury, MD

Torrance Laury, MD

Torrance Laury, MD
Non Operative Sports Medicine

About Dr. Torrance Laury, MD

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Dr. Torrance Laury is a board-certified physician in family medicine and is CAQ certified in sports medicine. His particular areas of interest are in injury prevention in youth sports, competitive gymnastics, arthritis and chronic injuries due to overuse. Dr. Laury serves as Assistant Program Director, Primary Care Sports Medicine Fellowship at Northside Hospital.

Sports Medicine Expertise and State-of-the-Art Treatment

Dr. Laury believes it is important to treat the patient as a whole person and not just another injury. This involves caring for the entire individual, which includes addressing issues such as sleep, nutrition and emotional well-being. He considers these to be important factors in optimizing a patient’s physical function. Dr. Laury feels that it is imperative for the doctor-patient relationship to be a partnership, with patients having an active role in the medical decision-making process. He works closely with the local high schools and gymnastics clubs in the surrounding region, helping athletes of all ages achieve their goals.

Dr. Laury’s Education and Certifications

Education and Clinical Specialization

  • Doctor of Medicine, University of Michigan Medical School
  • Residency, Family Medicine, Emory University
  • Fellowship, Primary Care Sports Medicine, Emory University

Certifications and Affiliations

  • CAQ Certified, Sports Medicine
  • Board Certified, Family Medicine
  • Member, American Academy of Family Physicians
  • Member, American Medical Society of Sports Medicine

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