Abductor Tears/Glut Med tears

Gluteus Medius is one of the three abductors of the hip and also the most commonly injured abductor's tendon. Injuries to this tendon can occur from overuse and degeneration as well as acute injury or fall. This causes pain and weakness on the affected side.


Patients will typically experience pain on the outside of their hip. Pain is worse with activities such as walking, running or any movement. Pain can also be present with prolonged sitting or standing. Patients will also experience weakness at the affected hip and may also have decreased range of motion.

Non- Surgical Treatment:

Conservative treatments for abductor strain/tendonitis include:

  • Anti-inflammatories
  • Rest and activity modification
  • Exercises targeting strengthening of the hip abductors and core

If conservative management fails, we recommend a minimally invasive arthroscopy surgery to repair the tendon tear.


Repairs of the abductor tendon are done with a minimally invasive arthroscopy surgery. Small incisions are made, and a high-definition camera is used to locate the tear. Specialized instruments are used to pass sutures through the located ruptured tendon, anchors are used to secure the tendon down to the bone in an anatomic fashion. Typical recovery ranges from 3-6 months and patients have significant pain relief and are able to return to previous activities.

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