For patients whose mobility is limited because of hip pain, our team of sports medicine physicians at the Northside Hospital Sports Medicine Network have the expertise to diagnose and treat any conditions and injuries affecting your hip joint. The hip provides the range of motion we need to move our legs, walk, run and jump. It is controlled by some of the body’s strongest muscles and supports our weight – for both athletic and daily activities. The hip is one of the hardest working joints in the body and is critical for mobility, so it is important to receive expert orthopedic care for any hip pain or injuries before damage occurs that can lead to other musculoskeletal problems.

At the Northside Sports Medicine Network, our team of board-certified, fellowship-trained sports medicine experts have the knowledge and specialized training for hip-specific issues and injuries. From overuse injuries such as bursitis to non-arthritic hip disorders such as hip dysplasia, femoroacetabular impingement (FAI) or labral tears of the hip, our team has the skills to improve your hip joint issues, and uses the most advanced arthroscopic surgical treatments and non-surgical treatments to lessen your pain and improve your mobility. Our team takes care of every aspect of your recovery, including physical therapy, to improve flexibility and range of movement after injury.

Leg, Core and Lower Back Strength for Optimum Performance

Hip issues can affect every aspect of your gait, or ability to walk and run. For top athletic performance, your thighs, lower back, gluteus and abdominal muscles must be strong and ready to adapt to quick movement changes, and also have endurance and strength to perform well. For any hip issue, our team can help you get back to your sport safely after an injury, and also provide you with the guidance you need to increase leg strength and improve agility.

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Femoroacetabular Impingement

Hamstring Strain

Hip Flexor Strain

Iliotibial Band Syndrome

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